Dental Crowns



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Dental crowns

Crowns or “cap” is a full coverage restoration over a structurally compromised tooth to restore the normal function and appearance. When teeth have very large fillings or cavities, fillings will not provide enough strength and support to the tooth thus requiring crowns. Crowns can be made out of all metal (oftentimes gold), porcelain fused to metal (PFM), or all reinforced porcelains. Crowns can restore teeth with very large fillings, teeth that have had a root canal, certain fractured teeth, worn teeth due to grinding, and misshapen and/or discolored teeth.

Dr. Yum will shape and prepare the tooth for the crown and taken an impression under local anesthesia. This impression will be used by a dental laboratory to fabricate your custom-made crown. Meanwhile, a temporary crown will be given to wear to maintain a proper oral function. At your second office visit, Dr. Yum will cement your definitive crown to your tooth.

However, it is important that Dr. Yum evaluate your dental conditions and needs to determine the best treatment options prior. A more conservative treatment such as veneers, inlays, or onlays may be helpful rather than a crown. Please call (610) 770-0210 for a comprehensive evaluation.

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